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De Satellietgroep organiseert op 8 september 2006 ‘STORM’. Tijdens deze internationale crashtest for concepts’ presenteren 10 kunstenaars/vormgevers en 1 geluidmaker hun plannen. Genodigde experts geven hun inspirerende bijdragen.

| Invitation to participate |

Focus of interest of **Satellietgroep** is to conquer a position for art and culture on  the Dutch coast.

To articulate the cultural value and to chart the opportunities of the Dutch coastline we  initiated **Satellieteiland**. We are collecting trial-blazing proposals to load this space for conceptual crash tests, this incubator of new life forms.

How to get there?

The Call for Ideas 2006 for Expeditions to **Satellieteiland** was launched this spring. Deadline for proposals is set on August the 15th. Proposals can be presented in any format.

On September 8th we organise STORM. On this day you can present/exchange your proposals.

Some extern experts, among which Ronald Rietveld - winner of the 'Prix de Rome' - will share their thoughts to illustrate the scope of our intentions.

This day will provide material for our ongoing drive to claim an innovative position for art on our coastline. By participation you can become part of a growing, inspiring network.

At the end of STORM we serve a seafood dinner.  

You are kindly invited to participate, reservation needed. Program of STORM will be send after your reservation. STORM on Satellieteiland will take place in 'Laakhaven' in Den Haag. Language of the program is Dutch, English allowed.

The day is hosted by Satellietgroep.

| programma |

Organisatie De Satellietgroep

Dagleider Maureen Timmermans

13.00 open

Ruimte installatie - Denis Oudendijk en Jan Korbes

Drums  - Zeger Reyers (film)

Zeebeelden – Eric van Straaten

Koffiekar – Bart Groenwegen

Fotografie van de dag – Rop te Riet

14.00 start - welkom – Satellietgroep – Andries Micke

14.15  M.U.D. -  FLCextended (Belgie) – Carl Bourgois, Wim van der Vurst, Marc Godts -  Mare Meum, MUD

5x crashtests for concepts:

FOAM Lab – Cocky Eek, Patrick de Koning, Caroline de Roy - Zwarte vliegers

Marije Schuurman Hess - Satellite Stories & Soap

Eric von Robertson – CARL – Sign to Utopia

Boris Pas - Radomes

M.A.S.S. Productions - Maarten van den Eynde – Preservation for the future

15.15 break

Boezemland  - Pé Okx (film)

15.40  Generating Dune Scapes - Ronald Rietveld - Prix de Rome 2006

another 5x crashtests for concepts:

Adela Economou Krubnerova - Suvival Bag

Ligteringen /de Rooij - Hans Ligteringen, Marie Jeanne de Rooij - Lichtgids

Onder voorbehoud: Fenneke Weltervrede, Dave Steiger – Greenhouse

Jacqueline Heerema – kunstriffen, -kliffen en zandvormen

Andries Micke – amfibietheater

17.30 finish

Vuurtoren - Zeger Reyers (film)

18.00 Seafood dinner* – Patrick Buyze – Hirado

19.00 intermezzo

Spotter – Eduard Böhtlingk