De Spiegels van Rembrandt

During his life, Rembrandt made numerous self-portraits. He looked at himself in the mirror for hours. What did he see? New theories continually come up about the 'why' question behind these self-portraits. Do the theories give more insight into the work of Rembrandt, or do they sketch instead a picture of their own time?

During the exhibition Rembrandt 2000, the sculpture 'de leestafel' ('the reading table') gives a contemporary picture of various fascinating aspects of Rembrandt's work: curiosity towards the 'self-portrait', the working of light, the mirror, and the role of the observer.

Finally, the work is just like various works of Rembrandt's not yet 'finished'. You can add to 'the reading table': what do you see when you look in the mirror? Send in your observation, and I will quote you! *

You can e-mail your observation to De Spiegels van Rembrandt. The quote will then be included on 'the reading table'.

* This is possible in the period preceding the exhibition, but also during the months of October, November, and December, 1999. 'the reading table' will be updated each week.

The reading table!

mirror (mír-cr) [M.E. < mirour fr. O.F.] mirrors, mirroring, mirrored. 1.a. n. a polished surface, esp. of glass backed with silver or mercury, which reflects light, and on which images can therefore be seen, also "looking glass", full-length mirror, rearview mirror, (fig.) hold a mirror up to someone b. any smooth or polished object whose surface reflects light and images, (fig.) the eyes are the mirror of the soul c. a true portrayal or representation, his novel is a mirror of the times 2. v.t. to reflect in or as if in a mirror, the clear water mirrored the blue sky, (fig.) the inequalities between the sexes were mirrored in life in general 3. n. mirror image: the image of something, having its parts reversed by or as if by the reflecting action of a mirror, the room beyond proved to be a mirror image of the front room. mirror (mír-cr) [M.E. < mirour fr. O.F.mirrors, mirroring, mirrored. 1.a. n. a polished surface, esp. of glass backed with sil